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The When-and-How of Port
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[ In nordic languages, the word for
Port wine - Vinho do Porto ]

This site deals with Port wine in Scandinavia: Norway and Sweden, and - to some extent - Denmark.
    Port was, in former times, a very popular drink in Scandinavia. Norway was in fact one of the major import countries. In recent decades the interest for Port has diminished, though the range of available brands of Port is increasing. The purpose of this Web-site is to try to restore the fame that this unique wine once had, in Scandinavia. In other parts of the world - United States, Japan, France and, of course, England - import sales figures are still high, or even growing!

In all Nordic countries - except Denmark - alcoholic beverages may only be sold in state-controlled chains of stores. Owing to this, it is easy to list all the available brands of Port - and their prices, who are the same in all stores - in each country.
   The pages of this site are all - quite naturally - in Swedish. In the table of contents you can read - in english - what each page is about. If you find something interesting, which you donīt understand - please feel free to send an E-mail, and I will try to explain it to you!

As the main sources I have used some books:
   Andrew Jefford - PORT (New York 1988)
   Roger Voss - Fortified and Dessert Wines (London 1989)
   Oz Clarke - Vinhandboken 1998 (W&W 1997)
   Godfrey Spence - The PORT companion (London 1997)

and the (official) Porto-site of Portugal.

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