St. Louis Blues
Artist The Genial Hawaiians (gtrs)
a.k.a. Jim & Bob
    U S A

Biography: Jim Holstein (born c:a 1899) and Bob Pauole (b. c:a 1902), both from Hawaii. They were popular radio artist in Chicago in the late 1920's and early 30's. Six singles were released on the Bluebird label, all recorded the same day (some of them with Jim's vocals). No one seems to know what happened to them after the mid-30's.
Recording date: 1933 12/12 Place: Chicago Time: 2:53 Producer:
Record info:
Original release: 78 rpm single, c/w The Song of the Rage Label: Bluebird 5316
This release: LP (USA) Label: Yazoo L-1026
See also: Also on: CD-box Steelin' it (Proper Box 142) and many other collections.

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