S:t Louis Blues
Artist Johnny Hodges (as)
Duke Ellington (p)
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Biography: John Keith Hodges, born july 25, 1906 in Cambridge, Mass; died may 11 1970. American alto saxophonist, best known for his solo work with Duke Ellington's big band. He played lead alto in the saxophone section for many years, except the period between 19321946. Hodges was also featured on soprano saxophone, but refused to play soprano after 1946, when he was given the lead chair. (Wikipedia)
Recording date: 1959, febr. 20 Place: New York City Time: 5:46 Producer: Norman Granz
Recording info:
Original release: LP: Play the blues BACK TO BACK Label: Verve MG VS-6055
This release: CD: Play the blues BACK TO BACK Label: Verve 0602498840290
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