St. Louis Blues
Artist "Sonny Jackson"
King Curtis
unknown (bs), (dms), (g)
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Biography: Curtis Ousley born 1934 in Fort Worth, Tx, died in New York 1971, stabbed to death. Famous saxophone virtuoso (tenor, alto and soprano), best known for his distinctive riffs and solos (like on Yakety Yak, and many other recordings with the Coasters). He was a R&B/Rock instrumetalist, but made some recordings playing guitar and singing - this is his first recorded vocal!
Recording date: 1961, april Place: New York Time: 2:17 Producer:
Recording info: Single released as by Sonny Jackson!
Original release: 45 rpm, c/w My Babe Label: Sue 744 (USA)
This release: LP: King´s Rock Label: Demand series 0085
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