St. Louis Blues
Artist King Sisters (vo)
with Hal Derwin (vo)
and the Alvino Rey orchestra
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Biography: The King Sisters were the six daughters of Vaudeville artist William King Driggs of Utah - Maxine, Louise, Alyce, Donna, Yvonne and Marilyn - though only four of them sang together at the same time. They were very popular on scene and records during the 1930s and -40s, and had a succesful comeback during the 1960s.
Recording date: 1940 Place: Time: 3:13 Producer:
Recording info:
Original release: 78 rpm, c/w Row, row, row your boat Label: Bluebird B-10948
This release: CD: Queens of song Label: Jasmine JASCD 348 (G.B. 1999)
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