St. Louis Blues
Artist the Virtues
no vocals
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Biography: The Virtues was an early Rock'n'Roll band from Philadelphia, PA. The bandleader was Frank Virtue on bass, he was born 1922 or 1927, and died 1987. Their shuffle reworking of Arthur Smith´s Guitar Boogie was a major hit in 1959, but no more followed and Virtue disbanded the group in late 1962.
    However, not much seems to be known about this live recording of St. Louis Blues, first (?) released in 1973.

Anyone who do know?
Recording date: 1960-62? Place: Reno, Nevada Time: 2:22 Producer: Frank Virtue
Recording info: Recorded live in Reno, no vocals. Composer credits: "C. Handy"
Original release: Label:
This release: 45 rpm single, b/w Guitar Boogie Shuffle Label: Virtue V-32873-S (1973)
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