St. Louis Blues
Artist Clarence ´Gatemouth´ Brown (g)
André Hervé (B3 org), Michel Hervé (b) and Christian Devaux (dr) - members of Zoo. Joe Jammer (g) and Memphis Horns.
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Biography: Born in Louisiana 1924.
Recording date: 1972, february Place: Chateau d´Hérouville, France Time: 2:49 Producer: Philippe Rault
Recording info: Joe Jammer guitars recorded in London in London (july 1972); The Memphis Horns recorded in Memphis (november 1972).
Original release: LP: The drifter rides again 1973 Label: Barclay 920 411
This release: CD: Gate´s on the heat (France, 2004) Label: Maison de Blues 982 246-7
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