St. Louis Blues
Artist Pinetop Perkins (p)
The Muddy Waters band, incl: Bob Margolin, Guitar Junior, Jerry Portnoy
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Biography: Born Joseph William Perkins in Belzoni, Miss; 1913. Long time famous Blues and Boogie-Woogie pianist. Played and toured with Robert Nighthawk, Earl Hooker and Muddy Waters. Formed The Legendary Blues Band in the 1970īs. Recorded throughout the decades, his latest album was Joined at the Hip in 2010. Pinetop was still active and appearing when he passed away in 2011.
Recording date: 1980 10/5 Place: Montreal, Canada Time: 8:08 Producer:
Recording info: Title of the track is St Louis Blues, though only 45 seconds actually is this tune! Rest is nice blues improvisations.
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This release: DVD: Muddy Waters live in Montreal (E U; 2008) Label: Spectra / emarcy
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