St. Louis Blues
Artist Nisse Lindīs Hot Trio
Nisse Lind (acd), Birger Larsson (g), Henry Lundin (bs)

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Biography: Nils Einar Lind, born in Stockholm 1904, died 1941. Jazzmusician (acd and p), bandleader and composer. Swedenīs most popular accordeonist.
Recording date: 1939 27/1 Place: Stockholm Time: 2:58 Producer:
Record info: Some nice improvisations!
Original release: 78 rpm single, b/w Thatīs a plenty (Sweden) Label: Sonora 3519
This release: LP-album Sonora Röda serien (Sweden, 1971) Label: Sonora 6394 008
See also: Also on: Sonora SEP 26

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