St. Louis Blues
Artist Folke Eriksberg (g)
Olle Sahlin (g), Thore Jederby (b)

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Biography: Folke Eriksson, born in Stockholm 1910, died 1976. Guitarist, composer, one of the first swedish electric guitar players. Made more than 3500 recordings, mostly as studiomusician.
Recording date: 1937 16/1 Place: Time: 2:44 Producer:
Record info: Blue Room recorded by: Sten Westman (acd), Thore Jederby (b), Stig Holm (p) and Folke Eriksberg (g).
Original release: 78 rpm single, b/w Blue Room. Label: Sonora 3231
This release: CD: Svensk jazzhistoria, vol. 3 (Sweden 1996) Label: Caprice 22039
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