Boogie Woogie on S:t Louis Blues
Artist Charles Norman (p) Quintet
Leppe Sundevall (tp), Rolf Berg (g), Yngve Åkerberg (b), Andrew Burman (dr)

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Biography: Karl Erik Albert Norman, mostly called Charlie, born in Dalarna, Sweden, 1920; died in Stockholm 2005.
Recording date: 1949 19/9 Place: Stockholm Time: 3:05 Producer:
Record info: Close to the Earl Hines version of 1949. Title credits: W. C. Handy - E. Hines
Original release: 78 rpm single, b/w Twentyfour Robbers. Label: Metronome J 106
This release: CD: Svensk Jazzhistoria, vol. 6 (Sweden 1999) Label: Caprice CAP 22041
See also: Recording n:r 69 Also on: Naxos 8.120849

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