St. Louis Blues
Artist Sylvester Weaver & Walter Beasley (gtrs)
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Biography: Weaver lived in Kentucky, 1897 - 1960 . Little is known about the guitarist Walter Beasley.
Recording date: 1927 27/11 Place: New York Time: 2:46 Producer:
Record info: Sylvester Weaver plays bottleneck guitar with a knife. He did not record after 1927, and was never "rediscovered".
Original release: 78 rpm, c/w Bottleneck Blues Label: Okeh 8530
This release: CD: The Slide Guitar (UK?, 1990) Label: CBS 467251
See also: Also on: Roots LP RL 318 (1968). Weaver´s complete recordings on Document Records (2 CDs, 1992).

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